Joint American Homeopathic Conference

April 19-21, 2024

Welcome to the JAHC 2024 Hybrid Event

JAHC offers both in-person tickets to attend in Reston, VA and virtual ticket options. Top educators from the US and around the world share their homeopathy expertise about a variety of topics. The conference is designed to honor traditional, classical methods and introduce attendees to the latest advancements, approaches and innovations being used today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is an exciting annual event when homeopathy supporters, practitioners, and students come together to learn, connect, and thrive.

Hosted by the National Center for Homeopathy, the JAHC 2024 will be a hybrid conference, featuring both in-person tickets to attend in Reston, VA and virtual ticket options. In-person presenters will be live streamed online for virtual attendees and virtual presenters will be live streamed online and projected on a screen in Reston for in-person participants. For detailed information please visit and/or review the FAQ's below.

Yes, this FAQ is focused on the vFairs virtual platform which is available to ALL attendees through May 21, 2024. The virtual conference platform has many resources for in-person attendees such as the ability to download the speakers’ handouts from the Auditorium and the ability to watch the recordings after the conference weekend.
No, the password function has been turned off; attendees only need to enter the email they registered for the conference with.
Technical support is available by visiting the Help Desk (called Info Desk in the chat rooms). When you click on the Help Desk, you will see a sign that says click here for Technical Support. That initiates a chat with the Help Desk which is staffed by a vFairs rep for technical support and an NCH rep to answer your questions about the event.
Click on your name in the top right; there you can upload your picture and edit information in your profile.
Online you will log in to the platform with the email address you registered with, land in the lobby, and click on the Auditorium door to enter the Auditorium. Next click on the screen to view the schedule of sessions. Note the tabs across the top to view each day’s schedule separately and the “My Schedule” tab which allows you to bookmark your favorite talks so you can find them easily.
In the Auditorium schedule you can find this information under each session description. Note that two speakers chose to pre-record their presentation due to the time difference and their session occurring overnight in their local time. These two recordings are scheduled to air at the end of the day Sunday. A few speakers had to change from in-person to virtual due to unforeseeable circumstance beyond their control during the week before the conference.
Yes, on the menu bar you can click on “Schedule Overview (pdf)” to open a document showing the entire event schedule including the room location for the in-person.
Go to the Auditorium, click on the screen to view the session schedule, find the session you want to join, notice the green countdown timer to see how soon the session starts. Under the countdown timer a “Join” button will appear 5 minutes before the session starts. At that point you can click join and the Zoom webinar will open on your screen. You will be in the waiting room until the moderator starts the session.
Speakers were given the opportunity to submit a copy of their slides and any handouts they would like to share. The platform allows one pdf document per speaker; multiple documents will be merged into one downloadable pdf. Speaker handouts can be found at the bottom of the session description on the Auditorium schedule. Handouts will be posted the morning of the talk and will remain for 30 days. If there is no handout, it may be too early to download it, or the speaker may not have submitted one. If a handout needs updating, a newer version will be uploaded as soon as possible. Attendees can return to download speaker handouts during the 30 days after the event.
Scroll down to the bottom of the day on the Auditorium schedule. As sessions finish, they are automatically moved to the bottom of the day, so the next session is always at the top of the screen.
CE status will be posted at the end of the session description on the Auditorium screen. Watching recordings counts for CE’s; stay to the end to get the code needed in the survey.
It is in the menu bar on the vFairs desktop platform under “Survey”. Clicking there will take you to which is where all the survey information is located.
There is a general survey to give feedback about the conference if you do not want CE’s. There is an ACHENA survey and AANP survey required to receive CE’s. Pick the one that fits your situation best and you can take both if you need CEs from both of these organizations. The ability to give general conference feedback is included in all 3 surveys.
All Surveys must be submitted by the end of the day May 21, 2024, before the vFairs platform closes.
It is not required though it is recommended. The conference committee reads every submission and takes the information into account when planning future conferences. Feedback both positive and constructive is greatly appreciated.
Recordings will be posted during the conference weekend when possible. Final recordings will be posted by Wednesday, April 24, 2024. Come back to the vFairs platform, enter the virtual Auditorium, click the screen to see the schedule, find the session you want to watch, and click the Play button on the right where the Join button was during the conference. All recordings will remain on vFairs 30 days after the conference (through May 21st). After the platform closes, the recordings will be moved to the site. It will take some time to upload them and it is highly recommended attendees view them on vFairs as it is most convenient.
Yes! All the banners & signs are clickable. Try clicking on all signs and banners to see where they go. You may even find a scavenger hunt item hidden in the lobby. Click on the doors to go to various rooms on the virtual platform.
Yes, you can navigate the entire platform by using the blue horizontal menu bar, click each tab to see what is there or where it goes.
The virtual Lounge is the only place on the platform where you can do a group video chat. Join the video chat room to turn on your camera and talk to the group (only 12 cameras can be on at once). If more than 12 are in the video chat room the others can text chat there, but will have to wait for someone to turn off their camera before they can join in the video chat. Please be considerate, if you notice more than 12 people there limit your video chat to a few minutes so you can let someone else have a turn. Virtual attendees can share a tea or coffee on breaks and are encouraged to have lunch in the Lounge taking turns with the video on if more than 12 are there. Virtual speakers may choose to come to the Lounge after their presentation to continue Q&A there.
To enter the virtual Exhibit Hall, click on the Exhibit Hall door from the lobby. Or you can click directly on the banner in the Lobby for the booth you want to visit. If you are in the chat room for a booth you want to visit, click “visit booth” next to the chat room name.
The Exhibit Hall is filled with booths that have been carefully stocked with resources for attendees. When you enter a booth, each of the images in the booth has the ability to link to a document or website URL, click them all to see what happens. Scroll down to see read booth description, click on the documents or videos tab to view or collect those resources.
Yes! The Exhibit Hall is loaded with free give-a-ways, coupons, and all sorts of offers. You may even find a scavenger hunt item or two in there.
To the right of the individual documents and videos in each booth you will see “+ Swag Bag” this is how you add your items to your virtual tote bag. At any time during the conference, you can email the contents of the bag to yourself.
Click on “Resources” on the far right of the blue horizontal menu bar. A drop-down menu appears with 3 tabs, click on the Swag Bag tab to view your contents. You may check the boxes next to the individual resources, click “email” on the right, then enter the email address you would like to send that resource too. You may email resources from the booths to a friend or colleague as well.
Yes, on the menu bar click on Resources. There are listings for Exhibitor Documents or Exhibitor Videos; each options shows you an alphabetical list of the contents of the entire Exhibit Hall. Add items to your swag bag from this central menu.
If you are in the booth, click on the “chat” tab on the horizontal white menu just under the booth. Some booths have set up chat times where reps are ready to interact. When you enter the chat room, a chat window opens from the side of your screen. Another way to chat with an Exhibitor is to click on the blue chat tab on the left of the screen when you are in the auditorium.
Enter the chat room area from the lobby (click on the blue chat tab on the left) or from an exhibit booth. Once you are in the chat window, you have to join individual chat rooms to interact. Click “join chatrooms”, a list of available chat rooms will display. Click on as many chat rooms as you want to join, then click Save and the chatrooms you selected will appear in the left column. Notice all the various options in the chat room, view a list of attendees in the same chatrooms as you are in, send a direct message to another attendee or type on the public chat wall anyone who enters that chatroom can see.
Yes, look for the 3 dots in the top right of your chat window, in the drop-down menu select notifications and you can uncheck the boxes of the chatrooms you don’t want a sound notification for. Or you can exit the chatroom area completely.
The vFairs platform is a fun place to interact and explore. Click on the Leaderboard and Scavenger Hunt tabs under the Games menu to view the instructions and see the prizes. Rack up points on the Leaderboard by interacting on the platform throughout the weekend. View the standings at any time on the Leaderboard instruction page.
The prizes will be given out after the last session of the weekend at 5:30pm on Sunday. Go to the virtual Lounge and join the video call or text to see who the winners are. Winners will be given instructions on how to collect their prizes; most of which are virtual.
No, due to the complexities of running a hybrid conference we were not able to offer Breakout sessions. We may revisit this decision if attendees give feedback on the survey that they want them.
Yes, registration is remaining open throughout the weekend. Visit to register.

The JAHC 2024 Conference Committee Looks Forward to Seeing You at JAHC 2024